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This isn't the best time to run a
business. But we are here to help.
Faster checkouts
Speed is key at the point of sale, and Waffle is built for that. Within two clicks on Waffle's point-of-sale, you will be serving the next customer in line and doubling your daily sales. Maybe triple?
Treat customers like family
Customers come back again (and again) when they feel loved. Waffle Loyalty leverages data analytics to tell you who bought what, so that you can bring them back again, and again, anytime.
Actionable reports
Real time and customised reports that do not just slap you with numbers, but provide real business insights to optimise your menu, and more. Why sell items that your customers don't buy anyway?

We help you sell more.

with your Point-Of-Sale (POS) and Loyalty, all in one.
Offline mode
With Waffle, you will never lose a sale, ever again. Even when your internet service is temporarily down. Always be selling.

Simple, clean interface
Less is more. From older cashiers, to new hires, they can checkout within seconds, just with two simple clicks.
Save on paper costs and add customers into your database to engage them with personalised campaigns, with Waffle Loyalty.
Search for items, fast
Find items within seconds with Waffle Search. So that your customers can checkout fast. More speed, more sales.
Real time reports
Easily compare sales between outlets and know which items sell well at each location. Listen to your customers, sell what sells.

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